The Space

De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan is located on Level 2 of The LINC KL, an upcoming lifestyle retail centre in town. Inspired by greenery, the mall is designed to bring visitors back to nature with its luscious green plants and decorations.

The interior design concept of the restaurant comes from the context of Chef Wan’s fun and cheery character. Colours from a tropical palette are chosen to evoke the feel of sun, freshness and cool vibes in an urban setting.

Our entire restaurant and event hall can accommodate up to 450 seated dining, or 600 in theatre style setting, or 650 standing guests and fully fitted with audio-visual equipment, and stage. When the occasion calls for, we can provide security, valet parking services as well as red carpet entryway to make your VVIPs feel extra special.


The Idea

The inspiration was really simple – to redefine Malaysian cuisine and food culture.

One of the most important goals for Chef Wan is to raise awareness of Malaysian food at the international level. It is a cuisine that is full of flavours and colours influenced by the diverse culture that the country is blessed with yet not many people know about what an authentic Malaysian cuisine taste like. So he knew that one day he would return home to make this dream into a reality.

It would be a place where he can freely share his culinary passion with people who love food as much as he does; it would also be a place where people can create lasting memories and impressions.

This is the concept that De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan is built upon.

Co-founder Chef Wan

The Team

One of Asia’s most celebrated culinary icon, Chef Wan spends most of his time in different regions including US, Europe, Middle East to explore different food and culture. Known for his gregarious nature and immaculate culinary skills, he has won over connoisseurs and fans across the world so it is not exaggerating at all to say that he is the most famous chef in the country.

He honed his cooking skills at the prestigious California Culinary Academy and he’s received numerous awards over the years, including the most recent Food Ambassador Award & The Master Chef of The Year at the World Top Gourmet Awards.

Led by Chef Wan himself, the highly experienced team at De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan is committed to bring a brand new experience to the local dining and event scene – from customized menu development to 360 degree visual and audio system, we are all about offering the perfect venue for any celebration or occasion.