Bangi Resort Hotel

Welcome to De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan, located on the 3nd floor of Bangi Resort Hotel.

View video of our De.Wan Bangi Restaurant

Feel the Vibe

Step in and instantly feel at home with Chef Wan’s lively and colorful setting.

Space for All Events

This space is suitable for you to host a wide range of events, making it the ideal choice for accommodating not only weddings but a variety of special occasions and gatherings.

Fully Equipped

We have all the audio and video gear you’ll need, plus a stage.

VIP Treatment Available

We offer security, valet parking, and even a red-carpet entrance for your VIP guests.

De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan is where good food, design, and special moments come together.

We offer

various seating arrangements to suit your needs:

Full Venue (Restaurant):

  • 108 guest for seated dining (Main Dining + Matahari Room)

Event Space:

  • 120 guests for seated dining
  • Small to large ballroom available, provided by Bangi Resort Hotel

Private Rooms:

  • Not Available

Whatever your event, we have the perfect space to accommodate.